GTA 5 Buy Free Properties Cheats

By | September 24, 2013

A new GTA 5 buy free properties cheats found by batusair from gtaforums ! so kudos to him for this grand theft auto v glitch so you can get a free property 😛
the trick is in press start (When is running the presentation clip of the property) before the game subtract your money, play any mission and when you go back, you will be have the property purchased and the money safe.

Just remember that some properties like the airport or garage(basically properties without weekly income) don’t run a presentation clip, so u need park you car very close from the purchase area, when you bought the property go in to the car quickly before the game take your money.

so basically how to buy properties for free in gta v :

Property without income: drive your car in front of the sign, go out of the car, buy it and after buying immediately go back in your car.


property with income: buy it and when the “movie” who show you the property is started press “start”, replay some (fast and short) mission, bring it to the end and you spawn automatically back to the property and has it for free.

here’s the explanation from batusair video grand theft auto 5 cheats :
To buy airport, heliport, garage
1. have the money that costs the property
2. go to the property, get out car right where the option of purchasing is enabled
3. purchase the property
4. immediately get into the car, until they charge us money

to make it ork with properties of weekly earnings, follow these steps :
1. buy the property
2. while running the property presentation clip press start
3. select repeat a mission
4. at the end, your appear in the property (is yours now) and with the money in the wallet

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  • Krystal

    This isn’t working with Franklin, only with Michael. I tried it twice now with Franklin and its taken my money.