GTA 5 Dom Mission Franklin Maze Tower Bank Building

By | October 5, 2013

There is a Dom mission in the grand theft auto v game for Franklin that says “go to the top of Maze Tower for the mission” but how to get up there for this gta 5 dom mission franklin maze tower bank building ?
To meet up with Dom at the top of the building there are a lot of way, but first when dom’s location appears on the map you can read that he is on top of the Maze Bank, if you hear carefully Dom will say you need to fly up !

Easy way how to get top of the Maze Bank building for the mission with Dom is to get a helicopter or blimp and fly it there
The hard way is to take a jet there and parachute onto the building

The 3rd Dom event is the one on top of the Maze Bank building. I used a blimp to get up there, as It seemed easier than searching for a helicopter… At the end of that one (when you land on the truck and they drop you off by a garage) he says “alright, I’ll meet you at the Landak Reservoir.”
just call the atomic blimp and land on top, quite easy but not at first so it took me 3 tries to land

To get on top of the Maze Bank skyscraper you need to get a plane / helicopter from the airport or airfield and parachute on to it. The mission will start when you walk over to Dom

how to find the helicopter on gta v :
There should be a Helipad for sale logo marked on your map. Go there. Sometimes someone will land a chopper there. steal it
There is a building with two Ambulance Helicopters in the same neighborhood where Tonyas Tow truck is located
There is also a Helicopter (usually unarmed Buzzard) on top of the Police building right behind that Towing place
Go to the roof of the hospital in central Los Santos and climb the ladder to the helipad around the back to get a chopper (for free).
Leave this mission until you have enough money to buy the helipad in LS and buy a helicopter. The cheapest one is like 700+k or something.

Use a plane and go to a high altitude then parachute out. Hold RB + LB (on XBOX) to accurately land with the parachute 🙂

The next mission for him requires you to complete all base jumps before it unlocks so you might as well do them beforehand to get some practice in since the mission triggered from the roof of the bank is really difficult unless you’re good at parachuting.

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