GTA 5 Duplicate Cars Cheats

By | September 24, 2013

Hate to customizing your high-performance cars on grand theft auto v and have them vanish ? then try this gta 5 duplicate cars cheats so you can have more than 1 car for free using this glitch 😀
this car duplicate tricks is found by nexoric from gtaforums where he found this on accident:
“I was Michael wanting to give my BMW to Franklin. I called him to hang out. I switched to Franklin and ran off with Michaels car. Some funny stuff. Then I switched back to Michael and there was another car”

How to duplicate cars in gta v :
1. Get a car
2. Call friend to hang out
3. Go to their location, don’t step in the yellow marker. Just have him in sight then switch to the other character
4. Steal their car and go far away enough to abandon the other character
5. Switch back to the other character and you’ll see it still there
Pretty cool and useful for the more expensive type of cars


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