GTA 5 Fire Truck Mission

By | October 1, 2013

On some of the heist mission we must find a way to get a gta 5 fire truck so we will show you how to find fire truck
It is a Heist set up mission that only appears if the player chooses the fire crew approach option for The Bureau Raid. It includes the player finding a Fire Truck and taking it to Lester Crest’s garment factory.

how to get a fire truck in grand theft auto v :
we need an lsfd fire engine, fake an emergency call or find one at a fire station, whatever works

use emergency services to call 911, and fire department will route to your current location
just go to your phone -> contacts -> Emergency Services -> Select Fire Dept. -> Wait a minute -> Instant delivery
get the fire crew out and stole the vehicle to the garment factory

look for gta v fire station on :
MacDonald and Brouge (South LS)
El Rancho and Capital right below Interstate 4 (East LS)
Rockford and S Boulevard Del Perro (Rockford Hills)
Algonquin and Panorama (Sandy Shores)
Paleto and Duluoza (Paleto Bay)
at the airport
at the military base


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