GTA 5 Flight School Bug Fix Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide

By | September 20, 2013

There’s a glitch on flight school when you’re playing GTA V, and if you have it and stuck we have the solution how to fix gta 5 flight school bug ! we know this error from KawakSallas – gtaforums
As we know in grand theft auto 5, flying is your skill in the cockpit of various aircraft. Take off, land, and manage turbulence more easily. Increase by flying under control for sustained periods and succeeding at flight school challenges to get the gold medal.

At some point of the history, Trevor calls Michael telling him to improve their flight skills at the flight school, because later they will need Michael to do some air assistance on a heist.
The flight school are open since the beginning of the game. Thing is, if you complete the flight school BEFORE Trevor tells you to do it, the later call from Trevor WON’T HAPPEN, and the heist preparation couldn’t be started at all.


how to fix grand theft auto 5 flight school bug :
You have to become michael and do the fib mission then franklin and Trevor meet on this mission then become franklin and do his mission. Trevor will then start missions with franklin and its sorted! I had the same problem but its on rockstars page for help and now mines working again!
thx to Soul goodman 88

Or switch to Franklin and wait till you got a message from Trevor saying you need more shooting experience.. go to the shooting range and go shoot some:) this worked for me! so it will most likley work for you too!


So guys it doesn’t matter if you’ve done the flight school, just make sure you’ve done all the missions for the other players up until Michael has to go to the flight school. When Trevor says to Michael go to the flight schoo, do it, if you’ve done them all just do one helicopter mission then switch back to Trevor nothing will happen immediately but do a freak/stranger mission or some rampaging and you should get a phone call. Bang bang your back on the road, go set up that heist!

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  • Dee

    I completed the flight school [after I got the call from Trevor], but can’t seem to do any other missions and haven’t gotten any phone calls/texts/emails. I’ve already gotten the submarine and the military plane playing as Trevor.

    Every time I’ve went to the blue “B” icon [as Michael], I can’t start a mission [scratching head in confusion]. All 3 characters have nothing to do when I switch back and forth between them…. any suggestions?

  • Tom

    same here i agree with him

  • Rodrigo

    Hey i did the lessons early too. then i followed the instructions OP posted. i still did NOT recieved a certificate or something saying i passed flight school. BUTTTTTTT i was able to do the heist. idk if its right or not…