GTA 5 Free Car Repair Cheats

By | September 24, 2013

As we know to fixing a car is only about $400 in grand theft auto v, but what if we tell you that there’s a gta 5 free car repair cheats without spending any money ? take a look at the step by steps guide for this glitch below 🙂
There’s a normal way to fix your car for free, but it takes a lot of works because you must drive and take the car into your garage (the one that cost $30.000), get out of the garage, and then go back and your car is 100% new!

but now there’s a shorter way to do this and it’s still free too 🙂 No money or anything is involved in fixing you car and it is well worth it!

first try to crash your car, damage it badly and stay alive 😛

now switch character really quick and after you switch to whatever characters you’re using, you can just switch back immediately to the character that have the broken car
you’ll be surprise that the car is fixed !

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