GTA 5 Free Weapons Upgrades Cheats

By | September 23, 2013

There’s a gta 5 free weapons upgrades cheats so you can unlock weapon customization at ANY ammunation store for “free”
the basic step is go to ammu-nation store and you need to buy an upgrade for each weapon, so make sure you have enough money and later by following the complete steps, everything will be unlocked with your cash back

but if you don’t want to ruin the awesome game and focus making money and purchase the upgrade for each weapon so don’t use this cheat before you finish the game 😛

grand theft auto v free weapon upgrades cheats :
all you need to do is to start mission, then go to ammunition store
now buy all the weapons upgrades you want and make sure to have 150$ left to buy grenade

go out and kill your self with grenade so the mission failed
retry mission and go back to ammunition store, you will have your money back that you just spend for the weapons + you can keep the weapon upgrades ! how cool is that 😛

so have fun with your guns now 🙂