GTA 5 How To Make Fast Money Cheats

By | September 23, 2013

Based on the gtaforums, this is the fastest way to make money early game. So in GTA 5 how to make fast money you can get a sub, go there, dive down, with scuba gear and get a 12000 treasure cash ! switch character, then switch back and get it again over and over
to find grand theft auto five v scuba gear you can go a dinghy boat in South Los Santos, near the docks

now look at the map for the treasure location :

mark the location so your character can go faster there

look for the cash in the suitcase
pick up the same treasure over and over, allowing you get a quick cash money for 12,000 treasure gold

you need to switch character because there’s a limit to wait for a character so the treasure respawn, which i think 30 min for a full day cycle in the game
so switch characters before you drown everyone!

you don’t need scuba gear to do it, but the scuba gear will allow you to do this gta v money cheats quickly without running out of breath or just use these steps :
1. Uh oh, breath is running out!
2. Switch characters.
3. Quickly switch back.
4. Breath is replenished. Continue diving grab the cash.
5. Switch characters.
6. Switch back. Breath replenished, grab cash again. Repeat steps 5 and 6 numerously.


doing missions is NOT the best way to make money, unless you have capital to invest. (first heist is a few hours into the game)

there are only 6 heists in the game, but it’s only the last heists are the ones that will net you the big cash. You invest that cash in the stock market, and when you play it smart, that’s when you start rolling in the big dough. You can also purchase property, but I personally wouldn’t put too much into properties until you reach 8 digit figures.

early game there are only 3 ways of making money (besides missions) armored trucks, robbin shops, and waiting outside an atm.. do all of these for a few hours and you might make 12k.

this is just a way of making capital to use IN the stock exchange…

to do it over and over, you die, respawn at the hospital which is less than a minute drive from it. go back to it, get it, drown repeat.

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