GTA 5 How To Start Blitz Play Mission

By | October 8, 2013

Having trouble with gta 5 how to start blitz play mission ? Well you need to progress further in the story for individual characters, then it will pop up on the mini map !
The grand theft auto v Blitz mission will only activate once you have done all other main story missions up to that point. (Usually it’s the Merryweather heist mission that’s before the Blitz mission). Once that’s completed you will then be prompted to start the Blitz mission at it’s given location.

You must do the main character safe house missions first, then after that the blitz mission shows up and you get a call. If you still have the letters M, F or T on your map, it won’t trigger the mission

make sure you bought three masks and three jump suits
texts from franklin – M,T we gotta stall on this FIB job. Don’t tell him i told you, but i got something to do for lester before we can move.

If you did that, then switch characters, play for it bit, then switch to the next, play for a bit, then switch to the next. One of them should eventually get a phone call or some sort of trigger

if you have problem with gta v getaway vehicle :
you need to park your get away car in a parking lot any parking lot. then call michael on your phone and it has 2 options click ” Get away car ” something like that and call him. talk to him and you’ll be set. hope it helped

it can be anywhere across the city, you will get a message at top left of screen when you’re in an adequate place, then make the call to Michael to let him know where it’s hidden and you should be good to go.

You can hide car at any location on the map, then open the map and select POINT OF INTEREST at where you hide it , back to the game and make a phone call (you can choose any characters) , that’s all !

Just hide the car in an alley. It will tell you if it’s a good spot, if not just go further away and find another alley. There is no button to push, just get out of the car once it’s in a good spot.

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