GTA 5 Lester Mission Smart Clothes Outfit

By | September 21, 2013

Got stuck with GTA 5 lester mission smart clothes outfit ? The clue is smart and nice clothes from michaels closet or a store
How do you dress “smart” in GTA V. What does the game class as “smart”? Cos I’ve tried every suit that Michael has in his house and Lester still tells me that I look like a bum.

You’re meeting him in a warehouse building at the top of some stairs and asks to change into a smart outfit or buy high end clothes. No matter what i do or what outfit i change to he whines and sends me off. anyone know how to please this guy?

i changed into a suit and he said something like “i said something nice and you come into a suit”
i also tried the first 2 and last 2 outfits

here are the answer for the grand theft auto 5 smart clothes , all credits to player from gtaforums :

Finally got it to work. I used the same suit as before (the first in Mike’s wardrobe) but this time I made sure not to have any blood on my suit from car crashes, shoot-outs, etc. Looks like that was the problem.

Alright, go to Michael’s house and go to his wardrobe, pick “full suit” and there should be two of them(grey and blue). Pick either one and then you’ll be ready. I choose blue, shouldn’t make any difference which one you pick.


gta v smart clothes tricks :
The mission is Lester Mission #2, casing a jewel store or something.
You go to meet Lester in a warehouse full of sewing machines. It OBVIOUSLY says so MULTIPLE TIMES that you need a SUIT. A SUIT. Not the LifeInvader shorts and vest. Not anything else. There are outfits labeled SUIT and you need one of those equipped.

Specifically the directions say “smart and nice clothes from michaels closet or a store“.

When you start the game, Michael owns NO suits. It is very misleading of the Rockstar team to put in the directions “or michaels closet” because none of those outfits will work.

There are three levels of store, and Ponsboys sells suits for $3500 or more.
So you need to buy a suit and that’s it.
But what if you are too poor to buy a suit?

I have finished all of the Michael missions. So how do I get any money to buy a suit and do this mission?
A weak mission requirement and a frustrating start to the game.

“Just drove around robbing convenience stores. The suit worked, the black one 4900.”

gta 5 smart clothes tips :
I had problems with starting this mission as well, but I worked it out eventually.
You have to change into a suit, but what else you are wearing matters too. Go for the smart black shoes (it didn’t work when I tried a white pair). And I’m not sure if its significant, but I also decided not to wear aviators.
Anyway, once I was in the suit with black shoes and no shades, it worked.

You DONT’T need to buy a suit, the basic one in your wardrobe is fine.

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  • Hitesh

    Just go your safe house and adorn suit and go to ” L ” simple.