GTA 5 Steal The Cargobob Mission

By | October 9, 2013

A guide for GTA 5 steal the cargobob mission where to find the helicopter on Fort Zancudo, lose the military chopper and go to the hangar on grand sonoran desert.
Trevor has a The Merryweather Heist mission after he steals the submarine, he need to steal the cargobob at H thats in the middle of a military type base just off the highway located in the northern part of the map towards the desert areas. The only entrance i’ve found is through the front gates but its guarded by the not so friendly type.

Gotta have full body armor before even trying to enter the base, otherwise you’ll be down in 3 shots.
Max out Trevor’ special ability, then drive into the base, get to the helicopter, activate his ability then clear the area around you then jump in before more people on foot get to you ! Or if your confident in your ability and quickness, find a relatively quick car smash through and get into the helicopter before even getting hit by one bullet


What I did to get the Cargobob is I drove straight into the base in a car or you can use a bike, and try to make your way to the center of the base, dodging tanks and army jeeps along the way. You’ll see the helicopters next to the runways, but before you hop into one of them, look for a black smaller helicopter called the Buzzard nearby, make sure to take this out with a grenade / sticky bomb, it’ll make escaping much easier.

I didn’t get missiles shot at me when I stole the Cargobob, but when I hopped into the Fighter Jet missiles were chasing me left and right, so I’m pretty sure the Buzzard will be your only threat while fleeing the base with the Heli.

To Gold medal this mission, you gota capture the helicopter in less than 5:30 minutes.