GTA 5 Stock Market Tips Cheats

By | September 23, 2013

There are 2 stock markets in Grand Theft Auto 5 : bawsaq for online and lcn for offline, and in this post we have some GTA 5 stock market tips from Cyfun – gtaforums about how the market works, how to attack a company to drive their stock down and their competitor’s up and list of mission-related stock value spikes and drops !
Keep an eye on the GTA Interactive Map for locations relevant to companies and their stocks.

GTA v stock market cheats from TheHotterPotato :
Don’t do any assassinations at all until you beat the main storyline. You will have a considerably larger amount of capital to invest and get the most out of the massive stock fluctuations that happen when doing Franklins assassination missions with Lester.
I waited for the price to hit the low spot, I went all in with all three characters and then started the assassination. Then I went to Franklins house and slept until the profit percentage hit the 80% that you see there. You may see 1% below or above that but in my experience thats the highest it got before it drops down to 25% or so. Then I sold and now all my characters are sitting with like $60,000,000 in the bank lol. Trevor wants a tank! lol

GTA V Stock Market Mission-related tips :

Vangelico heist :
Sell anything you have invested in them before this. Afterward, wait til it bottoms out around $35/share before buying any. Not sure if there’s a competing gem company to invest in before-hand, didn’t see one.

LifeInvader (prototype swap mission) :
Sell anything you’ve invested in them before this mission cause it’ll tank badly. And I wouldn’t bother ever investing in them again, as I tried when it bottomed out but it never really recovered.

Bilkinton / Betta (Hotel Assassination mission) :
Sell anything you have invested in Bilkington. Lester mentions he invested heavily in Betta, but I didn’t see them in the LCN. Are they somewhere else? I also noticed DollarPills tank as well. Once Bilkington bottoms out after the mission, though (the low for me was around $120/share), feel free to invest in them again as it spikes up again.

Redwood / Debonaire (Multi-Assasination mission) :
Before you even start this mission, sell anything you have invested in Redwood, and invest everything you’ve got into Debonaire. Don’t do it during the mission cause there’s a tight timer. And be sure and not to forget doing this for ALL THREE CHARACTERS. I was in a hurry and only did it for Franklin. Debonaire’s stock will go from about $200 to about $400. When the mission is over, wait a good few minutes as the stock value will continue to rise. Mine eventually peaked at $399.42, so go ahead and sell when it gets to that point.

Merriweather (Dockyards secret government device mission) :
Sell anything you have in Merriweather before this mission as it’ll dive a bit.


Other gta v stock tips :

Line graph sucks:
The line graph doesn’t seem to be at all accurate. I see it claim that the price was high the previous day, but it was more like a week ago. And it doesn’t seem to accurately update with the current prices. Better off just looking at the raw numbers, and getting an idea of what is considered high and low for each stock.

Destroying competitors:
If you invest in a company and then go wreck their competitor’s stuff, it should increase your stock value. For example: Sink money into AirEMU, prefferably when the stock is already low, then go blow up FlyUS planes. Or buy CluckinBell stock and go rob and destroy a few Burgershot stores. Or invest in one car company, then destroy their competitor’s cars, preferably at their dealership. Note: We’ve been experimenting with this and it doesn’t exactly pan out as expected. You can’t enter most stores such as Burgershot, and can’t find these supposed car dealerships or other company buildings. And we’ve spent hours blowing up GoPostal and Pisswasser trucks but never really saw their or their competitor’s stock fluctuate. 🙁

Reliable stocks:
I’ve seen this stocks reliably spike up and down. Invest in them when they’re low:

Insurance companies:
Per user iNewWorldOrderi, if you invest money in AUG AugeryInsurance, then go around damaging/destroying cars, it will drive your stock value up.

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  • Andrew

    Betta (for the first assassination mission) refers to the stock BettaPharmaceuticals (BET)

  • Erik

    I haven’t seen AUG for the insurance go up when destroying vehicles. I haven’t seen it go up at all really.

  • DELTA2

    well i use this glitch i put my millions in a stock i use AUG and if the stock goes down i reload the game, if it goes up i save the game and keep saving it at its high point. if it goes down i reload the game and the stock will go up and keep saving on it’s high point. if the stock goes down i just reload game till it goes up more to get the stock to go up some times you may have to reload 2 or 3 times i made 15m last night from doing this