GTA 5 The Last One Strangers and Freaks Mission

By | September 24, 2013

There is a grand theft auto v strangers and freaks mission called GTA 5 The Last One did you find it ? Also this is the mission where you will find bigfoot on gta v 🙂
First of all let’s get more info about this missions, does anyone know where you got to start it? Who you talk to? What character you need to be?

here are the info from gtaforums that we summarize :
there are not 58 strangers and freaks
there are 58 random event
there are 20 strangers and freaks missions what means you have to do all of them

did you make the jobs for tonya ? if you haven’t do that, call her with franklin
did you do the epsilon missions ? if you haven’t do that, go on the internet for with michael and finish the survey. after done it you will get an email from them. collecting the spaceship parts and the letter scraps are also strangers and freaks missions. if you find all of them, a “?” sign will appear on franklins map.
also you have to buy the dock on the north west of the map, you will unlock a stranger & freak mission with michael

GTA V The Last One mission is the Bigfoot, and you need to have 100% completion to get this mission

After you’ve completed the game (not just main story missions) you get another Stranger and Freaks mission called “The Last One”. Basically, you just drive there with Franklin (has to be him), and you meet a lad saying he’s been hunting a Bigfoot.

He asks for your help and kill it, and you just go to the location marked on the map and shoot him. Then you get a cut-scene with him saying he’s the last of his kind and whatnot.

Franklin then rips his mask off and reveals its just an idiot acting out his fantasies as bigfoot. Then he complains and starts to run away and you’re free to either let him go or put him out of his miseries.

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