GTA Online JP and RP

By | October 20, 2013

There are GTA Online JP and RP that you can get after completing every job, but what are they for ?
After completing a gta 5 job online with some friends you will get a random number of JP, RP (Experience) and money I am assuming JP stands for Job Points ? What are they used for ?


RP is respect points and it enables you to unlock upgrades

JP is just a quick way of comparing how successful you are in your current session to other players. It resets every session because it just tracks your progress in a session.

Say you and 3 friends join the game at the same time and do some races, missions, etc. By the end, you’ve got 115 JP, 110 JP, 90 JP, and 150 JP. The guy with 150 JP was the most “successful” meaning he probably came in first during the most deathmatches and races, while the guy with only 90 JP did not do as well. That’s it.

It’s in the tips ingame. JP is used to calculate who is the winner when your in a playlist match. For example player 1 wins 8 matches and earns 120 JP but player 2 wins the other 7 matches so he earns 145 JP, plus the 2nd place earnings so player one gets 15*8+10*7 while player two gets 15*7+10*8. In short player one wins the playlist because he won 190 JP vs player 2’s 185…

I use it to get an idea of who is in any given session. If I see names with a bunch of JP next to them, they’re probably more interested in missions; if I see names with 0 JP, they’re probably more interested in being douchebags and killing everybody on the map like it’s a CoD free-for-all. Then I watch for a little bit and see what happens. Some of those 0 JP folks, they just got on and are looking for jobs; all the rest typically end up being the douchebags of the session.

There are exceptions, naturally. But largely, JP is a decent indicator of what you’re in for when you get into a session.


here are some comments from random players what is JP used for in Grand Theft Auto Online V :

Since you lose JP every time you die or lose a game mode, can be considered a score of consecutive victories to determine your ranking in the Playlist, and other players can judge you if you are a good choice for the amount of JP.

JP are Job Points, you get them for completing jobs aka. Races, Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Missions.

I think JP points are awarded depending on how well you do in a certain activity. Kind of like a measure of your abilities, the more the better.

So the higher the JP I have in one session (It get reset, back to 0 everytime you start a new session) the more my character skills stats increases ?

JP are going to be used as a entry requirement for heists and high earning missions in the future, they are earnt on a session to session basis (i.e. they reset to zero when you leave online).

So you won’t be able to jump straight into a heist or high level mission without first earning the pre-requesite JP’s, and this will have to be done again in each subsequent session.

Its a way for R* to make sure that not everyone just jumps into the heists and leave the rest of the missions empty once they get released.

I believe it resets when you die, or lose a game mode. I believe its to show your continued successful wins and there for determines if your a safe bet in game modes.

They’re supposedly for future updates when they add heists.. You’re gonna need a certain amount of JP to do certain heists
More than likely you will need 1000 JP or something stupid to do a heist on the future released ?

I was wondering the same and I reckon you’re probably right. They won’t want people doing doing heist after heist and farming money. Build JP up to do a heist.

Job points are for the session. I think its just a local game leaderboard type thing

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