Guess The Celeb Science and TV Answers

By | March 25, 2013

Do you watch tv series or love science ? if you do, then i think you can solve all the question for celebrity silhouette puzzle om these category ! Also we have the list of guess the celeb science and tv answers if you don’t know the person name

the tv celebrity are pretty easy, and there are 4 male actors from big bang theory ! and for the science celebrities most of them are famous inventor, founder and discoverer.. i’m sure you’ve heard their name, but since these are silhouette picture.. i think you will have a lot of difficulties here 😛

guess ? science celeb logos solution list :

1. einstein
2. neil armstrong
3. galileo
4. darwin

5. thomas edison
6. hawking
7. archimedes
8. charles babbage

9. graham bell
10. blaise paskal
11. louis pasteur
12. isaac newton

13. john dalton
14. marie curie
15. johannes kepler
16. werner heisenberg


guess ? tv celeb logos cheat list :
1. larry king
2. oprah winfrey
3. conan o brien
4. donald trump

5. johnny galecki
6. jim parsons
7. simon helberg
8. kunal nayyar

9. america ferrera
10. charlie sheen
11. michael hall
12. neil patrick harris

13. matt leblanc
14. zach braff
15. kim kardashian
16. benedict cumberbath

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