Hi Guess the Riddle Level 10 Answers

By | August 2, 2013

Stuck at certain level and can’t make a progress on question number 84 to 93 of this by man zhang game ? Well you’re in luck because we already solve them and list hi guess the riddle level 10 answers below ! find the complete guide for every stage so you won’t have any problem for this quiz game 😛
Are you ready for hundreds of interesting riddles? Can you solve them all? Get your brain thinking with this extremely fun puzzle game.

hi guess the riddle level 10 cheats :
level 10-84 : I sleep by day, I fly by night. I have no feathers to aid y flight. What am I?
answer : Bat

level 10-85 : I cover what is real and hide what is true. But sometimes I bring out the courage in you. What am I?
answer : Makeup

level 10-86 : I am yellow on the outside, white inside, and very appealing. What am I?
answer : Banana

level 10-87 : I shoot people, then blow them up. What am I?
answer : Photographer

level 10-88 : If you drop me I’m sure to crack but give me a smile and I’ll always smile back.
answer : Mirror


level 10-89 : You can always see it, but it’s too far away to touch. Mountains rest on it, and at sea it surrounds you. What is it?
answer : Horizon

level 10-90 : We have no flesh, feather and bone. Yet we still have fingers and thumbs of our own. What are we?
answer : Gloves

level 10-91 : The more I lie, the more people trust me! Who am I?
answer : Politician

level 10-92 : You have to travel far before you turn it over. What is it?
answer : Odometer

level 10-93 : I am a seed, three letters in the name. Take away two and I sound quite the same. What am I?
answer : Pea

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