Hidden Chronicles by Zynga on Facebook

By | December 22, 2011

There’s a new mystery game like garden of times on facebook, but it’s from zynga : Hidden Chronicles

COMING SOON! A social hidden object game by Zynga!

Hidden Chronicles is a social scavenger hunt, packed with hidden object play, engaging puzzles and the mysterious Ramsey Manor — complete with unique characters that need your help to protect a closely guarded secret.
Hidden Chronicles features beautifully drawn environments, including scenes from around the world and throughout history. Designed in soft photorealism, the art style is sophisticated and engaging with animatics and customized music that brings each scene to life.

Head on over to Hidden Chronicles Facebook fan page to get a taste of Zynga’s first-ever hidden object game. There you’ll find a destination chock-full of interactive goodies including:

Three Mini Games
‘Like’ the fan page and unlock three Mini Games of hidden object play: Geoffrey’s Desk, Estate Gardens and The Library. Each scene contains a very lite version of hidden object gameplay and provides a useful introduction to the hidden object genre.

Players complete mini-hidden object scenes that are timed and can share results with friends. The scenes are re-playable so make sure to take a few double-takes. Each scene provides a light reference to Hidden Chronicles’ storyline. Think these are easy? Just wait until you see the real thing.

find hidden objects !
look at your list below and find the six hidden objects in the scene, click each object to clear it
if you get stuck, use the magnifying glass for a hint

I found all the hidden objects in 28 Seconds, can you beat my time? Check out this SNEAK PEEK of Hidden Chronicles, Zynga’s new game, and see if you can match me. ‘Like’ the page and help unlock the next free Mini Game for both of us. Please?

Hidden Chronicles Game Trailer
See what you’ve be missing with our special launch trailer, showcasing actual Hidden Chronicles gameplay footage and game screens. While you’re there, bask in the beautifully drawn environments and intrigue that is the Ramsey Manor.

take a look on this video

Hidden Holiday Card
‘Like’ the page to open up Hidden Chronicles-inspired holiday cards. Fans can upload a photo to hide within the card, and decorate their tidings of comfort with holiday-themed hidden objects. After adding a special holiday greeting, cards can be shared with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even pinned to Pinterest.
Zynga is also giving players the chance to see their face in lights in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Any player that shares a holiday card online between 12/19 – 12/21 can submit their email address for a chance for their photo and name to be featured on a billboard in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

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