Hold Up Brain Security Walkthrough Level 1 – 10 Answer

By | July 13, 2012

Play Hold Up puzzle game by RELIEF M3DIA for your iphone, ipod, ipad ! Beat the puzzles in each level and break into the brain security safe vault !

if you love to solve 100 exits and 100 floors then you will find the same way with this brain challenge games 🙂 find some answer to pass in hold up walkthrough level 1 – 10 here !

Become a thief and try to get through twisted security systems that will challenge your logic. Be smart and use all the capabilities of your iPhone to open the vault and beat all the levels.

In each level, clues will help you find the way in… if you are clever enough ! Click, shake, turn your iPhone,… Each level has its own logic. Will you be clever enough to find it ?

solutions guide for hold up level 1-10 :

hold up level 1 walkthrough
Press the door to unlock the vault and go to the next level

hold up level 2 walkthrough
Tilt your device like in the picture above the safe, you will see the red light turn into green and open

hold up level 3 walkthrough
Slide to right until you see the whole painting
Put your phone down flat facing up until the safe unlocks then click it

hold up level 4 walkthrough
Press the red button on the ground really fast until the 5 green lights on the left light up all the way

hold up level 5 walkthrough
Tilt your device so each number is facing upright
Each time you tilt your device for each number, one light above the safe will turn green
Do this in order from 1 to 4

hold up level 6 walkthrough
Tilt your device so the green ball sits on top of the red button
The safe will unlock when both balls are on both buttons

hold up level 7 walkthrough
Increase the volume of your device 2 times, then lower the volume 2 times

hold up level 8 walkthrough
Make 3 different wheels to show green at the same time
Click the safe right when it unlocks

hold up level 9 walkthrough
Each light connects to each row of buttons (from top to the bottom)
press the buttons when the red lights on at the same time to turn them green (from left to right)

hold up level 10 walkthrough
there are 6 colors, press these color in order : blue, yellow, pink, green

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