Horseshoe Pit Frontierville

By | September 13, 2010

Horseshoe Pit Frontierville ! Build a Horseshoe Pit that you and your friends can play on to win prizes !

frontierville horseshoe pit

try your luck ! toss horseshoes to win big prizes ! go to the market > building and buy horseshoe pit with 2500 coins + 20 wood and you will get 5 XP

now go inside horseshoe pit and you can start to collect horseshoe pit parts :
1 spike
1 wooden board
1 bar stool
1 golden horseshoe
1 bag of sand
10 measuring tape

this is zynga cross promotion game, so in order to get horseshoe pit materials you must play these games and collect each parts :
FarmVille – You must plant and harvest 200 crops after heading there from FrontierVille. It will not count if you harvest 200 crops that were already ready to go. After you have done this, an icon of a wooden board will appear on the left side of your FarmVille screen. Click on it to get your item in FrontierVille. (farmville wooden boards)
Cafe World – You must level up 1 time after level 5. (cafe world bar stool)
Poker – You must level up 1 time after level 5. (poker gold horseshoe)
Mafia Wars – You must level up 3 times from level 5 or later. (mafia wars spike)
Treasure Isle – You must level up 1 time after level 5. (treasure isle bag of sand)

and for measuring tape you can ask your friends to send it for you 🙂

the collect bonus for horseshoe pit is free throw for horseshoe pit game

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  • Angela

    THIS IS A RIPOFF….You spend all your time going to other games to get the materials…build it…GUESS WHAT…you get ONE free throw a day and then you have to use HORSESHOES to play after that…I wish I would have known this BEFORE I spent 6 dreadful levels in Zynga POKER…YOU SUCK frontierville!!!!

  • toni

    i’ve leveled up on 3 things and i havent received any gifts. am i missing something?

  • Generous

    We were not awarded the items in Farmville and Mafia Wars… We planted and harvested over 500 crops (200 were needed), and leveled 3 times up in MW…. Guess what, no wooden board and no spike… 🙁 But reading Angela’s post we better save us the effort…. The levels of poker were dreadfull indeed…

  • kevin

    I finished the Mafia thing to get the spike but i dont find were to claim it :S can anoyone please help me ?? Thanks a lot:)

  • John

    You have to make sure you enter the games through the horseshoe pit menu when you click on it. For farmville you have to plant NEW crops after going through the link. To claim the items either a pop up should come up in the middle of your screen asking you to claim it or it will be a small icon on the left side of the screen

  • eileen

    I have gone to level 8 on poker , going through frontierville each time to play and still do not have the golden horseshoe, am i missing something? never saw a popup or if there is an icon don’t have a clue where to find it

  • mary jo

    this is a rip off I played all the games leveled up in Mafia wars the spike came up and froze up my puter and I never got the spike this is dumb

  • richard

    hi i had the same problem not getting the rewards after levelling up in the other games, i E-mailed Zynga and voiced my complaint and the put the items that were missing in for me within 24 hours . give it a go you got nothing to lose.

  • kylee says

    iam still having the same promble with poker im on level 10 now and stll nothing im going pissed off i have got the bar stool and the tape and the sand but not the wood or the horse shoe yet

  • nancy jacobs

    I have planted hundreds of crops in farmville and still have not recieved my boards for the horseshoe pit..What can I do?

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