How To Beat Two Dots Level 214

By | January 22, 2015

Strategy How To Beat Two Dots Level 214 if you stuck and need solution cheat to pass level 214 on two dots ! you can get 3 stars and skip two dots level 214 with the help walkthrough below
TwoDots app game by Betaworks One

on two dots level 214 the objectives is to sink the anchors in 26 moves, where you have 12 anchor on this niveau

here’s a trick how to beat twodots level 214 cheats :

First you need to remove all 4 anchors, you can remove them by dragging lines on bottom row or creating square on the middle. After all 4 anchors gone, then you can sink the anchor one by one.
The best way is to creating square on the middle area so you can remove a lot of colors, because it’s the only space that have enough dots to create square.
Just remember that you need remove anchor as soon as possible, if the anchor stuck then you won’t see more anchor drops.

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