How to Beat TwoDots Level 33 Walkthrough

By | June 5, 2014

How to Beat TwoDots Level 33 Walkthrough ! After stuck a couple of times on twodots level 33 finally i can pass this stage without power-ups 😛 if you need help to pass this level then read the strategy guide below
TwoDots app game by Betaworks One

on two dots level 33 you need to sink the anchors in 18 moves, where there are 7 anchor on top
there are 3 side :
top : 7 anchors
middle : 7×4 dots (random)
bottom : 4 dots : purple – red – yellow – green

here’s a trick how to beat twodots level 33 :

the best way solution to finish this level 33 is to create and connect 4 square of dots with the same color of the bottom row one by one
but first you need to make sure the anchor on middle side already at the bottom row, so when you have 4 square with the

want to know how to get these dot colors ? here’s the secret.. even though it’s random, you can try to restart the game over and over until you get these dot colors
just remember not to touch any dots when it begin and then tap the restart button so you won’t lose a life

here’s the step by step cheats how to beat two dots level 33 without powerups :

and finally you will have 2 moves left and earn 3 stars !

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