How To Block Annoying Flash Content With AdBlock

By | June 14, 2009

Have you ever annoyed with flash content ? Well.. i have… there’s one time i browsed internet with Mozilla Firefox open many tabs, and suddenly i heard an annoying sound. I searched for that sound, which tab was that ?? And finally i found the sound.. it was came from an Ad Flash content.

Yeah sometimes flash content with sound can be so annoying, so i decided to block that flash ad. How to block flash ad ? Well i found a plugin for that, you can choose your own plugin but i prefer using AdBlock.

Here’s my Tutorial :

Adblock Plugin for Mozilla Firefox Browser :
Install add-on Adblock Plus, you can get it from here :
Follow the steps until the Adblock Plus successfully installed in your browser.

Now after you finished install Adblock Plus, there should be a “Block” button on your top right flash content.
Click that “Block” button to block.

There should be a window like this :
Click Add Filter button.

And you’re Done !!

Adblock Plugin for Google Chrome Browser :

Adblock Plugin for Safari Browser :

Adblock Plugin for Internet Explorer Browser :

I hope this help you all =)

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