How to Check Your Antivirus Working or Not

By | May 22, 2009

Sometimes we doubted, whether our antivirus working or not, well gladly there’s a way to test it 😀 I’ll show you how.

Copy paste Code below into your Notepad

The text must be in horizontal, make sure you don’t tick Word Wrap in your notepad.
Then Save As your notepad as any name, just make sure the extension is .com

a minute after you Save File in exension .com, then Antivirus immediately detect that file as a Virus. And if your Antivirus can’t detect anything, that’s mean you must update your antivirus database, or change your antivirus 😛

Don’t worry, the file that you just made was safe.. eventhough it’s detected as a Virus by AntiVirus, the text code there is a standard text that used by Anti Virus Developer, specially by EICAR (European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research).