How To Create Permanent / Embed Subtitle For Video Tutorial

By | June 26, 2009

Do you have a subtitles file with format *.srt and video file with format *.avi separated ?
And you want to see video with the sub in it in your VCD or DVD player ?
If you want to know how… take a look at my tutorial here 🙂

Because if you want to see Video file that haven’t combine/embed with the sub you can’t see the subtitle in your VCD or DVD player.

software and plugin you will need :
1. VirtualDub
2. Plugin Virtual Dub (Subtitler.vdf)
3. Subtitle Workshop (convert .srt to .ssa)

Here we go 😀
1. Open Virtual Dub

2. Add Video File

3.Go to Video > Filters > Add
look at plugin subtitler by Avery Lee

4. If you haven’t download Virtualdub, maybe subtitler.vdf file won’t be there… so you might want to search it at Google

5. Focus to subtitler.vdf then OK, browse your .SSA file

6. Open Subtitle Workshop

7. Add subtitle file with .srt format

8. Save As

9. Pick format SubStation Alpha

10. Save As, your subtitle file with SSA

11. Follow this setting, default

12. Click Ok and Ok 🙂

13. Slide your right video to see output preview until the output become like this:

14. Next Step setting for Video and Audio Synchronization

15. Choose Video > Compression and choose Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, Click OK

16. The Video and Audio screen will become like this :

17.Go to File > Save As AVI

18. The dub process with the window status

19. And the movie with subtitle embed

20. Done 😀

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