How To Find Rango In Frontierville

By | February 28, 2011

How To Find Rango In Frontierville ? The Sheriff of Dirt is stopping by your homestead, but only until March 6th! Find 9 Rangos around your homestead to collect all of the Rango rewards!

frontierville rango

in frontierville rango mission you must find rango 9 times, and also there’re some rewards for finding rango ! where to find rango in frontierville : to get rango in your homestead you need to tend items

Find Rango ! Get Loot
Sniff out that sneaky chameleon Rango to fill up the film strip and earn rewards for your homestead! Hurry, Rango’s only in town until March 6th!
Be sure to check out Rango in theaters on March 4th! For Show Times: xxx

when you found rango you can share dinner post for your friends :
Yee-haw! You have a keen eye for finding chameleons! Why don’t you share an extra Dinner with friends?
Share Dinner


xxx has slaked the thirst of the roughest, toughest sheriff to visit the frontier!
xxx found Rango lurkin’ round their homestead!
Sheriff Rango stopped by xxx’s homestead lookin’ for refreshment. xxx has a dinner to share for Rango-seeking friends!
Get Dinner

Find Rango rewards :
3 rangos : Fast Hands Boost
6 rangos : Frontierville Rango Clothesline – Rango’s shirt is kinda loud, huh?
9 rangos : Frontierville Rango Statue – The roughest ‘n toughest sheriff of Dirt!

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