how to fix portal 2 crashes and black screen

By | April 21, 2011

how to fix portal 2 crashes and black screen ? because some players got problems with this game like crash when playing

portal 2 game

here’s one of the problem by ashley :
i can get my portal 2 game to launch to the screen where u pick single player or co-op, but it messes up after that.
on single player i can pick new game then the first level and the load screen pops up and its seems fine. then suddenly right before it finishes loading it just shuts out of the game with no warning notices, error messages, or anything.

on the co-op mode it loads and shows the whole opening cut scene but then when it gets to where you’re suppose to start playing i got black screen. i can hear all the dialogue and hit keys to make some of the options come or make the chat show up to talk to the other person but that’s it. i also kinda don’t get how the other person can see my bot but i can’t see them or the field at all….

I’ve tried running the game in compatibility mode and as admin, and I’ve tried to delete the game and reinstall it but nothings really working.

This possible fix seems to have worked for some people who have crashing problems:
1. go to program files/steam/steam apps/common/portal 2
2. RIGHT click the portal application
3. Click troubleshoot incompatability issues
4. Run portal 2

disable the game overlay.
Go to Steam > settings > in-game tab > uncheck enable steam community in-game

portal 2 black screen fix
when launching the portal 2 game, you can only hear the sound but the screen goes black and the play menu didn’t appear at all then you should update your video card drivers (usually user with nvidia cards got this problem)

here’s the step by step to from steve for portal 2 crashes fix :
– Exit steam completely
– Create new folder in drive where steam is installed
– Copy steam folder to new folder
– Control panel -> uninstall program
– Uninstall steam
– Download steam from
– Install steam to standard install directory
– Log in to steam
– Double click on steam program, wait for download to begin
– After 10-30 seconds, pause download and exit steam completely
– Copy steam\steamapps\common\portal 2 to the new \common\portal folder. overwrite all
– When transfer is complete, load steam
– Click on portal 2, let it “download”. steam will check the existing files
– Launch Portal 2.

Or simple go to

\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\bin, then either delete everything in that folder or rename it to bin_old. After that Verify your game cache and it should re-download the dll’s.

Also do the following for better performance playing portal 2 :
> Update device drivers.
> Defrag registry database with secured software such as reginout cleaner.
> run disk cleanup utility.
Play your game.

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    did everything you said and it still doesn’t work, so im just gonna get it for xbox now.