How To Get Bliss In SimCity Social

By | July 10, 2012

Have a hard time to find simcity social bliss ? It is one of the items that is hard to obtain and it’s required for building parts and you can’t ask neighbors for request.

some tips how to get bliss in simcity social :
visit neighbor cities or reach new relationship levels. This is randomly issued for good interactions with your neighbors, so you may have to do it a few times.

The only ‘trick’ that I recommend is that when you have nothing to do in your city and have had enough energy, you can visit friend and spend your energy there

Goodwill = Frequent
Harmony = Common
Bliss = Rare

guide from JMarieMJ
“Pick a neighbor’s city and spend a lot of energy doing friendly actions
your relationship status will go up and the collectible drop rate percentage will go up too. This means your chance of getting Bliss and Harmony are much higher.
Keep the friendly relationship with this neighbors city as high as possible, but if you occasionally do mean actions, your chance of getting Wrath and Rage are still as high as getting Bliss and Harmony.

What I am trying to say is Don’t expect these collectibles to drop from neutral towns. You get these collectibles from neighbors that you have strong relationships with.
My suggestion is to use all of your spare energy in one neighbor’s city to raise your relationship levels, thus collectible drop percentage… and do not rely solely on the daily free energy to get you anywhere.”

The drop rate of bliss is 10% if you’re at max rank with your neighbor.

you can also finish the food frenzy quest series for bliss reward :
mission 1 : turn up, cash in, pig out
– collect from diner

mission 2 : taste the bubbles
– build the soda bottling plant from your inventory

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