How to Get Dead Space 3 Devil Horns Foam Finger

By | February 10, 2013

If you ask what is the strongest weapon in the deadspace 3 game ? it’s the red foam finger devil horns !
the devil horns with heavy metal attitude

how to get devil horns in dead space 3 ?
This is an unlockable weapon, and to unlock it you must play in classic mode
first you must finish the main campaign, then play dead space 3 again with new game+ mode with classic difficulty
when you finish classic mode, you will have this weapon !

you can modify this weapon :
upper tool : the devil’s fist
lower tool : the devil’s palm
frame : the devil’s hand
upper tool tip : the devil’s pointer
lower tool tip : the devil’s pinky

when shooting you will hear these sound :
main weapon : Bang bang bang!”
alt-fire : “Pew pew pew!

also you can see isaac raising his metal foam finger with a metal guitar riff sound played when reloading

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