How to Get Destiny Mote of Light

By | September 16, 2014

Where to Farming Motes of Light in Destiny ? you can use destiny mote of light to buy endgame items comprising of emblems, Titan marks, Hunter cloaks, Warlock bonds from a vendor called the Speaker.
Destiny Motes of Light : A brilliant spark of the Traveler’s Light.

A Mote of Light is a type of currency that can be used to purchase items from The Speaker and Xûr, Agent of the Nine.

How to Get Mote of Light in Destiny

Motes of Light may be acquired by various means.
Every Guardian receives a Mote of Light from Kadi 55-30 once they reach level 20. Once a Guardian reaches level 20, any experience earned goes to acquiring a Mote of Light.
They can also be awarded randomly for completing Crucible matches, completing Vanguard Strikes, in loot chests, or in any type of engram.

A Mote of Light is an item Guardians collect by collecting experience (after level 20), accessing chests, decrypting decoherent engrams or receiving them through the crucible (post match).
Motes of Light can be traded in to the Speaker for Legendary-level Emblems and can also be traded for Exotic chest engram from destiny agent of the nine

where to find the speaker in destiny

The Speaker can be found in the north tower which can be accessed by taking a left from the spawn point.

The Speaker sells a variety of legendary armors and emblems
An ancient scholar of the Traveler, the Speaker keeps special items for Guardians who explore the Light’s mysteries.

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