How To Get Fantasy Forest Story Crystal Unicorn

By | August 12, 2014

How To Get Fantasy Forest Story Crystal Unicorn ? first you need to be level 15 to unlock it and the cost for habitat is 270,000 coins. Also the crystal unicorn breeding time is 45 hours !
There is no good “combo” for getting a crystal unicorn. Every combo has the same chance for getting it. Only thing is that you have to use 4 different elements (from the 5 element that is available now, including dark).

But there are some tips how to breed crystal unicorn in fantasy forest story which may be useful from Anyuszko :
– Use low lvl (lvl4) common animals. Higher lvl animals, rares and super rares produce more coins, leave them in their habitats earning money.
– Choose elements depending on which animals you are missing (on possible fails). For example, if you have all red-green animals, do not use red AND green element, leave out one of them.
– If you use water and red on different sides, you may fail on Skyger. If you want to avoid Skyger fails (because you dont have the money for its hab) avoid red OR water. (Theoretically, if you use water and red on the same side, you may not fail on Skyger. However there is no water-red combo animal in Fantasy Forest )


Here are the 4-element combinations used by the successful breeders (info by SANDSCApe)
Aurora Pegasus – Rainguin
Rampage – Turtisle
Rainguin – SolarSimian
Chameneon – SolarSimian
Armordillo – Turtisle
Magmacore – Turtisle
Vinotaur – GlacialGriffin
FairyFerret – Racmoon

Unicorn has also been bred using a single element (2 Crystal Unicorns as parents.) It should NOT be possible with CrystalUnicorn-EmeraldDragon

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