How To Get Iron Ore In Frontierville

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How To Get Iron Ore In Frontierville ? because you will need at many iron ore to craft new items inside blacksmith shop

frontierville iron ore

iron ore will be used to produce iron ingot in frontierville

1 iron ingot will need 2 coal + 10 iron ore, then again you will need to get harvester and feeder for frontierville putting the hammer down

that will need a total of 6 iron ingot (60 iron ore) ! :P

here’s some ways to get iron ore :
– post iron ore request on your wall by clicking ‘ask for more’ button inside blacksmith shop
– use this frontierville iron ore link to request faster : iron ore request link
– buy with horseshoes : 2 HS = 1 iron ore
– collect blacksmith shop bonus will give you this item
– clear debris sometimes give you iron ore too

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