How To Get Muse In Sims Social

By | September 12, 2011

For the sims social muse will used a lot, like for your sim skills

to unlock writing, music, art, cooking may need some muse and also required to build things (bookshelf, bath, etc), some quest need you to have muse too

so how to get muse in sims social ?
first why don’t you open the crafting page and look on inspired potion, it’s part of the craft item to make inspired potion 🙂

and if you hover the muse icon, you’ll see some hints where to find muse :
– do art and music skill actions for chance to collect

as you see on the top picture, i already purchase canvas and do some paint art actions and get muse randomly !

just make sure you have enough energy to do these actions, look on how to get more energy on sims social for some tips and tricks 😀

– you can also get it from skill up rewards

– get muse by taking photos of birds and stuff
– ask your friends to send you some from free gift page
– click on your good’s friend sofa and press massage, after the massage you will get muse

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