How To Get Relaxation In Sims Social

By | September 5, 2011

Do you know how to get relaxation in sims social ? so far there are some feature requires this item.

the sims social relaxation : yellow smiley face icon

you will need 1 relaxation to craft fun potion with other crafting items, this item can instantly boost fun

how to find relaxation in sims social ?
there’s a hint in craft menu : fulfill need for chance to collect

and also you need to get 8 relaxations for jacuzzi

tips on how to get relaxation :
– fulfilling the fun need by doing fun things like dancing or watching tv, as you keep trying to fulfill the need you will get a chance to collect a “relaxation”, just remember it wont work if the need is already fulfilled
– you can try by playing games in the computer, wait for ur fun to deplenish and watch TV or listen to the radio, either at ur house or at a friends
– try buying jacuzzi, because when build jacuzzi you can ask your friends for this item, use the request feature
– you can also get it at higher skill levels in music or art by requesting it from friends

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  • Relaxation

    Where do you buy the Jacuzzi?

  • Hikaru

    Hey, just saying but… You really can get all the stuff like relaxation, buzz, entertainment, etc. from just dancing, watching TV, and all that repeatedly without needing to fulfill fun. My Tip: cycle through the radio actions listen-dance-excersise and you can get like 5 relaxations after about 6 minutes.