How To Get Simoleons In Sims Social

By | September 12, 2011

In sims social the simoleons are a currency that can be earned by your Sim in various ways, yeah it’s your money / coins in this game, so you need to know how to earn money faster if you want to purchase items and decorate your house

i’m sure you already know some tricks, but maybe you need to read all in case you still miss it 😀

here are some tips how to get simoleons in sims social :

1. make sure you ‘like’ the sims social facebook fan page :
because sometimes they can share some links to get free simoleons !
– free 1000 simoleons :
– free 500 simoleons :

2. get your sims to be inspired because you’ll earn more simoleons when you do activity, learn more in how to become inspired on sims social

3. take photo from animal outside your house like hedgehog or birds, it can drop from 15-20 coins

4. plant some crops and harvest it, remember : don’t let it wither
outside your house there are 4 ‘place’ to plant crops, it will need some time to harvest it but when it’s ready you’ll get a lot of simoleons from them !

5. Complete quest and get simoleons as rewards, there are a lot of quests in sims social 😛 so make sure you’ve prepared by reading the sims social quests list

6. improving your sims skills, each time your sims earn skill they will get more simoleons

7. you can do more activity in your / neighbor house, repair broken items, clearing grass, flowers, thorns and mushrooms, water plants

8. ask your friends to send simoleons from free gift

9. convert your simcash to simoleons
you can purchase cash from real money and convert it to simoleons

10. sell items that you don’t need !

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