How To Get Teamwork, Trust, Unity In SimCity Social

By | July 11, 2012

Having a very hard time finding simcity social unity to finish a building ? this is one of the most rare collectible to look for 😐

how to get unity in simcity social ?
To obtain “unity” you need to interact the same way with your “Twin City”!!
Concentrate on ONE neighbour using all your energy, as the drop chance increases with your relationship level. Even if you have a 100% dropchance to get any of 3 items, unity will most likely drop with a chance of 10%.

these are the collectibles that drop from twin city interactions :
teamwork = common
trust = uncommon
unity = rare

how to get twin city with neighbor in simcity social :
If you do enough Twin City interactions with a neighbor, the game will ask you whether you want to Become Twin Cities. You can only have one Twin City at a time

Try visiting just one city and spamming your energy there. That way your relationship level increases and the drop chance is higher. Infact, why not just do it at you twin city.
Don’t forgot to be doing the blue actions that give unity.


you can only get unity by doing the blue action, which will allow you to become a twin city with one person
the more blue actions you do, the higher your drop chance gets with that twin
however if the blue action shows on other cities, you can do it there too, you just can’t become its twin without dropping that status with the other one
if it asks you to do so, ignore it and keep clicking blue actions
this way you can hunt for unity and other collectibles from cities without being their twin, but you can’t get to high drop rates without being their twin

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  • stephanie

    thanks, so hard to get it, but trust easily

  • maddelaine

    Finally i understand why i can’t be twins with more than one city! i was really spending all energy trying to ! thank you !

  • colleen kraushar

    i do not want to be a twin city with a facebook friend..i accidently clicked on her to i untwin myself?