How To Get Wrath In SimCity Social

By | July 10, 2012

There are so many buildings that need Bliss, Trust, and SimCity Social Wrath but the dropping rate is very low compared to the need.

this time i will share you tips how to get wrath in simcity social :
Visit neighbor cities or reach new relationship levels. This is randomly issued for bad interactions with your neighbors, so you may have to do it a few times. It is one of the items that is hard to obtain.

if you spend 100 energy to get 5 Bliss or Wrath it’s not particularly extreme, it’s only 20 energy per item for the rarest collectible drops in the game.

Fury = Frequent
Rage = Common
Wrath = Rare

the most common drop is Fury, then Rage, then Wrath. The higher level mean relationships have a higher percentage chances of dropping collectibles with each interaction, so in time, as you build your relationships, you’ll find it easier to get drops.

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more tips how to find wrath in simcity social from sunny :
In order to get Rage and Wrath pick a neighbor’s city and spend a lot of energy doing either mean actions
your drop rate percentage will go up, and you’ll see more Rage and Wrath — but initially, choose if that neighbor will be a friend or foe

what you need to remember is don’t expect these collectibles to drop from neutral towns, you get these collectibles from neighbors that you have strong relationships with.

just keep doing rivalry interactions and gain new rival relationships. Your chances for wrath will increase !

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