How To Hire Bess In Frontierville

By | January 13, 2011

How To Hire Bess In Frontierville ? because in the last bess mission frontierville late as usual you need to hire bess
frontierville hire bess

If you can’t find bess in your homestead try to move your barn to a clear space where you can see your whoule barn, because bess is in front of the barn 😛

next to hire Bess, click on Bess, then on “Hire,” and then click on a group of crops or animals, and Bess will tend them. Bess can be hired once per day.

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  • Lelly78

    Thank you so much!!!! 🙂

  • Ines

    Thank you! I couldn’t find Bess because my barn was next other buildings.
    Tyvm 🙂

  • Ivan

    Does the barn has to be finished in order to see Bess

  • Djelen

    Ivan, yes, the barn has to be finished in order to see Bess.

  • Camargos

    Ja mudei o celeiro varias vezes e não consegui achar o bess

  • Shelli

    I have missions to hire bess..but she is not in front of completed Barn, nowhere when I move barn, she is not anywhere so how can I hire her to complete missions?

  • Amy

    help bess is not anywhere i cant find her and i need to complete this mission

  • max

    i cant find bess please help

  • diane houldcroft

    bess has not appeared anywhere near my barn, heeellp

  • annie

    i hate this i moved the barn and bess isnt there the quest just keep piling up and i cant find her so please help

    this makes me very angry


  • veryan

    I couldn´t find bess either. But now I have finished the build a crip quest and she appeared-so I guess you have to solve certain quest to get bess.

  • monique

    help me ik heb de collar geplaatst en daar staan 3 opdrachten in: plaats collar huur bess en 1000 bomen verzamelen!! maar waar kan ik bess huren of moet ik dan eerst die bomen verzamelen?? bess staat niet bij mijn barn!!!

  • Foxy

    The mission “Prepare To Build A Crib” solved the Bess problem for me. After I finished that quest she appeared in front of the barn.