How To Place Dam In Cityville

By | August 26, 2011

As you know the dam already released in cityville ! This building will allow players to produce more energy, and feature is available to players Level 50+. But do you know how to place dam in cityville ?

Electrify your city with this powerful new addition to its infrastructure!

on power your city quest you can click place button and it ill show you where to place dam in cityville with arrow

if you got “buy expansion first!” warning like this
that means You will have to expand on the left side of the river to where you have to place the Dam, expanding on the right side is not necessary; in fact, once you place the Dam, you will get some land for free!

placing dam
when you’re done you need to collect these items to start your dam
14 rotor
14 flood gate
14 turbine
14 canal lock
14 generator

when finish you will receive 31 energy ! to use your dam you need to supply dam with 400 goods daily to maintain your energy cap bonus – increase up to 7 points

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  • sagar

    Still cant get my dam!

    what i do?

  • sagar

    my level 68 still i hv not come any DAM reply plz