How to Play The Sims 4 On Mac

By | September 4, 2014

Did you wonder when will the sims 4 be available on mac ? the official answer is “we are currently focused on the PC version. We have no updates on mac at this time”. But there’s a way how to play the sims 4 on mac 😛
Alot of you guys and girls have macs like myself and you’re probably a little peeved about The Sims 4 not being available on Mac at launch. Well, you can still play the sims 4 on mac at launch and here’s how…

What you’ll need to play sims 4 on macintosh :
A downloaded ISO of Windows 7 or 8
A usb drive / penstick preferably 8gb or more.
A mac with at the very least 30gb+ free space
And… well that’s pretty much all you need.

The mac has a built in utility called Bootcamp that lets you install Windows on a separate partition. This basically means it splits your harddrive into 2 sections, one for OSX and one for Windows. Allowing you to boot into either one when you start your mac. It’s really handy! I recommend this for gaming instead of virtualisation programs like Parallels/VMWare because all those do is run Windows within OSX using only a fraction of your macs power/resources to run Windows therefore games will be almost unplayable.

All you have to do is go into your Applications Folder > Utilities > Bootcamp Assistant
From there follow the instructions and tick the first box “Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk”

It will then ask you where to find the ISO you downloaded for Windows. Find the iso, and choose the pen-drive you want to burn Windows onto (make sure you have backed up any files on that penstick, as this will erase anything on it)

Proceed with the instructions, and what it will do is burn the windows ISO onto the pen-drive, then restart into the Windows installer. From there you’ll install Windows as you would on any other computer.

Lastly, once Windows is installed you can download drivers for the specific graphics card your mac has (if it has one) and run Windows Update etc. And from there you’ll be able to download and install Origin and get your mac prepped to play The Sims 4! 😀


Congrats, your mac is ready to play The Sims 4. Hope this guide by Chris helped.

Note: To switch between OSX and Windows, when you restart your mac, hold down the alt key when the apple logo shows, and it will then ask you what operating system you want to boot into. To choose what OS you want your mac to boot into automatically when starting up (if you don’t hold the alt key, open system preferences in OSX, choose Startup Disk and select the Windows or the OSX partition 🙂 Simples.