How To See Asterisk Password Browser

By | April 7, 2009

asterisk password Asterisk password, used to make your password seen as ***** (star). There’re many kind of asterisk shape right now. But as long there’s a login button that’s mean you can fill in an asterisk in the password hehe.

Why we want to see the behind that asterisk ? Well.. in case you usually use auto login and yet.. you don’t remember the password, you go back to the login form and pass some script in it, and done ! you got your password back… You can use the alternative way, like forgot password and etc..

If you want to see the words behind the asterisk copy and paste this code into your address bar


you’ll get something like this :

password hack

I tried this with yahoomail

pretty scary right ? well i hope you didn’t leave any auto login or “remember my password” for any browser at any computer that many people have access to it. Because people can hack your password and id, and if that happen people can see many information in your id. So you might want to clear any cache, and clear private data after you log out 😀

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  • Lillie

    What about after you have logged out of the site, is there a way of retrieving that password at all? That is in case you forgot to tell the computer to remember the password and stuff.

  • admin

    Well in that case, if after you log out there still a password left (*****) you can still get it with the code.. if not, you might want to reset your password by contact the admin of the website 🙂