How to Update The Sims 3 Reloaded To Patch

By | July 2, 2009

For you who already installed The Sims 3 Reloaded version and want to update patch there will be an error right ?

Okay here’s the solution i got :
1. Uninstall your game, it’s better to reinstall from the start, and follow the steps down here πŸ™‚ because i don’t know what modding/add on for your sims.. coz maybe they already changed

2. Clean Install the sims 3 reloaded version( for you who already had the razor version don’t need to read this tips). When install choose USA region, then change registry SKU in regedit from 7 to 2.

Open REGEDIT from Start Menu > Run and do this:
Windows XP:
2. Choose Value Name: SKU ,and double click to change the Value Data to: 2.
3. OK, refresh, then restart your computer.

Windows Vista / Windows 7:
1. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sims\The Sims 3
2. Choose Value Name: SKU ,and double click to change the Value Data to: 2.
3. OK, refresh, then restart your computer.

3. Apply Sims3Patch (the installer in Russia language, you can search in Google) that will update your Sims 3 to version 1.0.631.00002 (razor version). But this patch only changed some files into version 631, so not all HelpPages file, bin folder, TSLHelper.exe, and Sims3GDF.dll become razor version.

4. Apply patch Sims3 1.0.632.00002 from 1.0.631.00002.exe (this patch changed version 631 to version 632 (unofficial update).

5. Download this file :
and copy to \Game\Bin folder, replace all default files so now you have a full Razor version.

NOTE: Try to distinguish Bin folder and bin folder. Because there are 2 bin folders in The Sims 3.

6. Apply patch Sims3 from 1.0.631.00002.exe (file size 19,3MB, you can search it in google).!7z
Copy crack from razor for the sims 3 version 1.2.7 then play.

Now watch that your Sims 3 Launcher at bottom left will be version πŸ˜€

Hope this help you all =)

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  • trias

    hey thanks alot … its work in my pc now my sims3 v 1.19

  • Help

    Hey i donΒ΄t understand that with SKU scould i create one or what because I can not change the name

  • taylor

    Can i just say thank you !!!!! I have spent 24 hrs trying to find the stupid mapping of my new windows 7 computer, nothing is where it should be! Thank you so much for listing this thx taylor

  • Orlando Jr

    Thank you so much!! Your tip helped me a lot! Obrigado! =P

  • Mary

    thank you so much! it works great.

  • Ian

    Where do i find the 1.0.631.00002 patch?

  • Michelle

    Thanks for uploading the files! They work perfectly. πŸ™‚

  • Wolf_200_2

    Thanks a lot you were of a great help to me :).

  • chrisroblez

    if you are having trouble and cannot find the SKU file make sure you are in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Sims > The Sims3” and NOT “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Electronic Arts > Sims > The Sims 3” You know you’ve gone wrong if your at the one with the ergc file!

  • Liiddo

    When I go to Wow6432Node is doesnΒ΄t show sims, what if I dont have it, can anybody help me !!???

  • Rex

    Can somebody upload a link for the ” Sim3patch/ from
    Reloaded version to razor version ” pleasee, been searching it for days

  • KittlerCats

    Thank you Light Chan,it works perfectly. I have a simple question. If I want to install World Adventures to my Sims 3 (after updating as what you wrote above),do I have to uninstall Sims 3 once I cracked the TS3.exe? Like in this blog said . I don’t know what to do so I’m asking for your help if you could. Anyone who have an answer to this,please reply to my comment. Thank you.

  • KittlerCats

    Furthermore,is there anyone who knows how to install TS3 Pets Expansion Pack? I don’t have a clue how to install it. If anyone knows,thanks.

  • dizzysims

    I can play the sims 3 without problem. the problem is the update the patch now. I brought cd and able to download successfully and try to use ur methods to patch the files but is not working well. i have changed the SKU from 2 to 7. do i really need to install patch from russian patch 1.0.631.00002 to do the patch? the cd have 3 files, before, update and crack folder to crack, yet still failed to update the patch. anyway my download is reloaded version for sim3launcher.exe and region_code.txt is reloaded version as well. really need help…. been uninstall too many times already

  • dizzysims

    one last thing, wish you can take screenshot coz i believe it will make it more simplified. still i stuck after step 2 and now i totally stucked on the reloaded version instead of razor. hope as well you can provide the links for the russian launcher becoz most sites i look for are broken link…

  • seddfe

    hey i have a problem, why cant i find the SKU value? i have the rzr version

  • nikita

    whenever i m trying to install it says invalid file
    pls help

  • Moira


    Thanks for the help, however I have a question. If I want to install World Adventure(I havent bought nor the game nor World Adventure) I need a different patch, right? How can I turn my 1.0.632 patch into that one? Thanks.

  • Amanda

    Dear admin, I got a same problem with most of the guys that have not been answered here. I got stuck to change the SKU value. When I go to regedit, there is just HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node and after that, it’s just a folder about microsoft and sports interaction. There is no folder about Sims or The Sims 3 except for Electronic Arts in the folder of SOFTWARE before. Could you please answer my question by reply it to my email or write it down here so that you can help all of the people who need that answer. I’m sorry if I’m troubling you. I just want to play this game so bad πŸ™ And thank you so much for your help. May God Bless You πŸ™‚

  • april

    how come the link is not working? πŸ˜‰ can you please give me the link for the patch? step#3? no more links available. THANK YOU MUCH!

  • gail

    thank you so much! spent hours trying to update, just did steps 1-3 and it worked! i’m very grateful thanks!

  • Havok

    Thank you so much i have been looking for this information for hours!

  • gurlz

    i have download…but i have still not understand step 5 n 6..can u help me, plez..

  • HMMW

    I can’t find sims3patch(installer in Russian language) Could you directly give me the website please?

  • Terre

    Hello Light-chan!

    Just wanna say, thank you for the tutorial! But can you make a guide for this for the new 1.55 patch?
    Thank you so much!