Icomania Guess the Icon Cheats

By | June 18, 2014

Guess all the pop icons using the cartoon images ! Icomania Guess the Icon Cheats is here to help if you stuck on some of the category icon like TV & Movies, Characters, Famous People, Country, Cities, and Brands.
Icomania – Guess the Icon by Icomania Logo Quiz 2048

icomania guess the icon level 1 answers :
icomania city : rio de janeiro
icomania character : spiderman
icomania country : india
icomania famous people : da vinci
icomania city : san francisco
icomania country : italy
icomania character : Frodo
icomania famous people : flavor flava

icomania character : dory
icomania tv & movies : cars
icomania famous people : bill clinton
icomania tv & movies : poca hontas
icomania tv & movies : titanic
icomania famous people : copper field
icomania famous people : schwarzenegger
icomania famous people : lebron james

icomania city : paris
icomania country : australia
icomania brand : bluetooth
icomania tv & movies : alice
icomania city : beijing
icomania character : minion
icomania character : captain america
icomania brand : ford
icomania brand : ups
icomania brand : citi


icomania character : patrick
icomania city : istanbul
icomania country : norway
icomania brand : coca cola
icomania brand : olympic
icomania tv & movies : despicable me
icomania tv & movies : frozen

Playing ‘Icomania – Icon Quiz’ is pretty simple: you see an icon and you’re shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out of which you have to guess a word that you associate with the icon.