Icomania Level 10 Brand Answers

By | March 27, 2013

There are 4 brands that hard to guess for me, but thankfully we already have all the logo name in icomania level 10 brand answers just for you ! so take a look the shape and color of each puzzle question and get the right solutions !

find the random number of brand name walkthrough for level 10 from level 304 to 357 below, here are the iconmania cheats list :

blizzard : blue Z 7 A on black background
nescafe : black ES on white background
l oreal : black L’E on white background
braun : black R A U on white background
pampers : green m p e r and yellow heart on white background
logitech : green shape, grey circle, red oval on white background


ibm : blue B M with white stripes on white background
citroen : red EN and 2 grey up arrow on white background
pixar : table lamp on blue background
play-station : square, X, O, triangle on white background
discovery : black cove, blue circle and line on white background
kappa : 2 black silhouette sitting on white background


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