Icomania Level 10 Famous People Answers

By | March 27, 2013

Walkthrough for icomania level 10 famous people answers is here ! most of these person are actress, so you won’t have any difficulties if you watch movies a lot 😛 for the rest, you might have some trouble so see the list of answer below 🙂

find the random number of famous peoples name solution for level 10 from level 304 to 357 ! here are the iconmania cheat list :

daniel craig : man with suit, brown hair on grey background
cameron diaz : smiling woman with teeth, pink background
britney spears : girl with pigtails, pink ribbon, white shirt
bob marley : man with black hair on red yellow green background
anthony hopkins : gold man with grey hair, hannibal mask, black shirt
amy winehouse : woman with black hair and mole near mouth
jamie oliver : man with chef outfit and purple color on blue background


dustin hoffman : smiling man with grey hair
angelina jolie : woman with brown hair, red lips, blue background
dirk nowitzky : white man with beard and basketball on blue background
hugh jackman : man with brown hair, black shirt, green background
cate blanchett : woman with yellow hair, grey shirt
al pacino : man with mustache and beard, black shirt, green background
angela merkel : woman with short brown hair, blue shirt and necklace on blue background
da vinci : vitruvian man sketch


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  • Morgane

    There’s one missing! The one right after Amy Winehouse isn’t here and I can’t figure out who it is!

    • admin

      jamie oliver

  • Morgane

    Thanks !