Icomania Level 11 Brand Answers

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The brands is getting harder, though i still can recognize some of them :| With icomania level 11 brand answers you can see all the puzzle walkthrough ! Remember to look the details of each logo shape, letter and colors to easily solve them !

find the random number of solution for level 11 from level 358 to 402 below, here are the iconmania cheats list :

volvo : grey male sign and puple strip on white background
oracle : red ORA on white background
allianz : blue z and 3 lines on blue circle and white background

bayer : + grey plus sign on green and blue circle on white background
cisco : green line and red rectangle on white background
siemens : green SII on white background
oral b : white Or on blue and white background


ups : ups shape on brown background
armani : GIO ANI on black circle and white background
pringles : brown hair and moustache, red ribbon on white background


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