Icomania Level 16 Brand Answers

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2 New level updates ! let’s start with the first stage of this week new brands :D we already list all the logo cheats below, please check the detail explanation of each shape, and colors to find yours easily in icomania level 16 brand answers for the walkthrough

there are 13 image available on puzzle question, here are the number of iconmania level 16 solution :

subaru : 6 black stars inside a circle
asus : black A S shape on white background
tag heuer : green rectangle and red triangle shape on a black shield line
gucci : 2 black G shape


villeroy boch : black n with 3 line below it
wrangler : yellow w r a with blue background
casio : black A S I on white background


hugo boss : black O S letters
faber castell : 2 black knights on horse silhouette
evian : red v i a l on white mountain and pink background


davidoff : black D a with 1 horizontal line
epson : blue P S O letter
billabong : black wave on white background

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