Icomania Level 16 Character Answers

By | May 17, 2013

There are 7 cartoon characters, and the rest are real human, can you name all the person ? if you have some difficulties and need help to solve them, just take a peek for the walkthrough on icomania level 16 character answers for all the cheat list 😛

there are 13 character available on puzzle question, here are the number of iconmania level 16 solutions :

jigsaw : white doll with circles on both cheeks, black eyes, red bowtie
lilo : girl with black hair and red shirt waving hand from disney stitch
jessica-rabbit : woman with red hair, red lips, pink sexy dress and long hand gloves
baloo : blue bear


ferris bueller : man with black hair and white shirt wearing pyjama ?
blade : black man with black glasses and pattern short hair
marv : black and white man from sin city


agent-smith : man in suit with black sunglasses
the-grinch : green creature with evil eyebrows
jason bourne : man wearing black shirt on sniper target


daffy duck : black duck
felix the cat : black cat with white face
buzz lightyear : man with purple hair and spiral 9 on his chin

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