Icomania Level 5 Famous People Answers

By | March 21, 2013

Can you guess all the leader, actress, actor, and singer name on these person icon picture ? if not then we here to help you with icomania level 5 famous people answers search on the detail explanation of each person color to help you find them easier on the cheats list 🙂

get the random number of famous peoples name walkthrough for level 5 from level 133 to 164 ! here are the iconmania solutions :

puzzle #143 : kanye west – black man with black glasses and white shirt on grey background
puzzle #143 : chuck norris – man with brown hair, mustache beard, white shirt on purple background
puzzle #149 : tom hanks – man with little mustache in suit on green background

puzzle #151 : fidel castro – man with cigar, green uniform army, green hat with red star, grey moustache and beard on blue background
puzzle #153 : snoop dogg – black man with mustache beard and 2 long hair
puzzle #155 : stallone – smiling man with red bandana and long black hair


puzzle #159 : bill clinton – man with suit smoking cigar
puzzle #161 : marylin monroe – woman with white hair, red lips, mole above mouth
puzzle #163 : marylin manson – man with black ray ban glasses, lips and long hair

puzzle #164 : michael jordan – black man basketball player with number 23 red shirt


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  • Thumbelina

    thanx this helped a lot^_^ #Peace

  • Peanut

    I think it’s MARILYN not MARYLIN. Correct me if I’m wrong. :))