Icomania Level 7 Famous People Answers

By | March 17, 2013

Find the solution for each person name for icomania level 7 famous people answers here ! look for specific background color, clothes, hair or even teeth to recognize the artist 🙂

find the random number of walkthrough for level 7 from level 184 to 211 below, here are the iconmania cheat list :

puzzle #197 armstrong : man with bike grey bike helmet and yellow shirt
puzzle #200 george clooney : smiling man wearing black shirt on green background
puzzle #202 brad pitt : man with brown brown long hair mustache beard mustache in suit and bowtie
puzzle #205 putin : man in blue suit with russian flag color white blue red


puzzle #214 madonna : blonde woman smiling purple background color
puzzle #218 caesar : man with white hair, green leaf and red cape
puzzle #220 kevin costner : man with grey moustache beard and white blue shirt


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