Icon Pop Quiz Doggies Answers

By | September 11, 2013

If you know all type of dog just by looking them, then you should try play this puzzle quiz game by alegrium where there are a lot of dog picture that you must guess ! and with icon pop quiz doggies answers you won’t have stuck too long if you can’t solve the image, just find the solution list below 😀
pass all 16 images of weekend specials doggies cheats with detail explanation for each walkthrough :

Doggies Level 1 : akita = dog inside red circle / japan flag
Doggies Level 2 : beagle = brown square nose white mouth and long ears
Doggies Level 3 : bull terrier = black circle on right side
Doggies Level 4 : bulldog = black square as nose and grey area on eye and mouth
Doggies Level 5 : chihuahua = blonde girl holding dog
Doggies Level 6 : dalmatian = black dots on white background
Doggies Level 7 : doberman pinscher = dog with short tail
Doggies Level 8 : german shepherd = police k-9


Doggies Level 9 : golden retriever = dog with basketball
Doggies Level 10 : great dane = dog with green necklace / scooby doo
Doggies Level 11 : dachshund = dong with black long body
Doggies Level 12 : poodle = grey and white cloud
Doggies Level 13 : pug = black rectangle and triangle
Doggies Level 14 : shih tzu = dog with purple ribbon bow tie
Doggies Level 15 : siberian husy = dog with blue eyes
Doggies Level 16 : st. bernard = dog with brown, white, grey and black color

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